• IT solutions for the Energy Sector

    IT solutions for the Energy Sector

    Discover our IT solutions dedicated for the development of the energy sector from energy planning to feasibility studies

  • A long experience from the field...

    A long experience from the field...

    Based on more than 30 years of experience around the world developped from strategic studies to engineering and technical assistance...

  • A longstanding research and development

    A longstanding research and development

    Our solutions are the result of a long development period involving various top specialists

  • From energy planning to technical studies

    From energy planning to technical studies

    Our technology is being applied in various sectors from strategic studies (transmission, generation, demand and rural eectrification master planning...), to more technical engineering work (feasibility, impact assessment, load forecast, grid sizing)...

  • A set of tools dedicated to  public institutions and the private sector

    A set of tools dedicated to public institutions and the private sector

    We act on behalf of public institutions (Electricity companies, Ministries, Rural electrification agencies), for international institutions and for the private sector...

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formation logoEnergy software and tools

Strategic Planning

Powerful solutions for analyzing and planning generation, transmission, and distribution scenarios of energy...


Technical studies

Forecast the energy demand and optimize the size of its distribution network to reduce infrastructure investments through GIS.

Data collection & Dissemination

Sustainable sharing of information for the benefit of all using Geographic Information Systems.

Load Forecasting

Forecast the demand to optimize the generation and distribution infrastructures and investments through detailed modeling.

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  • Training updated every year from the remarks and evolutions observed
  • A training program adapted to trainees level and needs including practical sessions
  • Specialists in their respective fields, our trainers are recognized for their technical and pedagogical skills.
  • An internship certificate attests to effective participation in a training session.
Village cartography and Geographic Information System5 days

Geospatial rural electrification planning 10 days
Electricity load forecasting and Demand Side Management (DSM)4 days

Electrical and mechanical distribution network study 10 days
Generation power system Analysis and planning (GEP) and renewables integration (VRE)5 days
Hybrid PV/Diesel powerplant sizing4 days
Prefeasibility of small hydro powerplants 3 days
Economical and financial analysis of decentralized rural electrification projects  3 days
Prefeasibility of biomass powerplants projects  3 days

March 2019. New release of GAP

After a long period of development, the new version 3 of GAP has just been released. This version offers many powerful features and especially

  • Taking into account solar parks
  • Possibility of adding interconnection for energy import / export
  • New indicators and reports
  • New Scenario comparison functionality

New features that make GAP software ideal for :

  • Dispach order analysis
  • Generation expansion plan (GEP)
  • Energy System planning
  • VRE generation stability


In addition, the interface has been completely redesigned to provide a more user-friendly and modern user experience
     - Network version possible
     - More stable and efficient database
     - Compatibility with Windows 10

The free trial version is now available for download on this website