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Dec. 2023. IED establishes the most updated cartography for the WAPP power system (Mauritania included) mapping the transmission network and generation capacities for the whole area.

In total, more than 238 powerplants, 615 substations and 48,400 km of transmission lines have been built and georeferenced.

By december 2023, it is estimated that the installed capacity in the whole area reaches 30 GW. The renewable energy share is estimated to be around 26% as described in the following table:

Type Capacity (MW) Part
Biomass 32 0%
Solar 900 3%
Wind 329 1%
Hydro 6844 23%
Thermal 4193 14%
Gas 17696 59%
29997 100%
7776 26%

More than 6.5 GW of generation is to be delivered in the short term in the next few years, which will bring the capacity of the area to more than 36.5 GW. The map below shows the distribution of power plants, with a wide disparity in the distribution of technologies, depending on the potential of the area.