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SolarMGJul.2021: New PV minigrids planning module

In order to provide more detailed and accurate electrification options, the latest version GEOSIM 5.6 now includes a new and improved planning module for PV electrification options that strengthens the previous approach of solar mini-grids.

3 mini-grid configurations can now be studied:

  • PV Hybrid Diesel Project: diesel generator with solar hybridisation. From a solar point of view, this module is equivalent to a grid connected system, the hybridisation reduces the load on the diesel, which however remains in permanent operation.
  • PV/Battery/Diesel: Solar, batteries, diesel. Solar based mini-grid with diesel support to ensure a certain quality of service.
  • PV/Battery: Solar, batteries for smaller mini-grids

The discounted levelized cost study can also be carried out on the long term with a more precise and geospatial estimate of the solar potential, calculated per site and derived from the solar maps available on the internet (GlobalSolarAtlas...)


Febrero de 2021. Nueva versión en Español de GAP

Tras un largo periodo de desarrollo, acaba de salir la nueva versión 3 de GAP. Nuevas funciones que hacen que el software GAP sea ideal para :

  • Análisis de órdenes de despacho
  • Plan de expansión de la generación (GEP)
  • Planificación del sistema energético
  • Estabilidad de la generación de energía renovable variable


Además, la interfaz ha sido completamente rediseñada para ofrecer una experiencia de usuario más fácil y moderna
- Posibilidad de versión multiusurario
- Base de datos más estable y eficiente
- Compatibilidad con Windows 10

La versión de prueba gratuita ya está disponible para su descarga en este sitio web


Feb 2021. New releases for GAP and DAP

GAP 3.6 - New corrections and evolutions available with the new version of GAP, in particular the following points :

  • Spanish language version added.
  • Visualization by satellite imagery of power plants
  • Addition of a system indicator for the amount of thermal production injected into the storage.
  • Added storage of the result settings for :

          - Annual results
          - Periodic results
          - Scenario comparison

DAP 4.3 - Many corrections, optimizations and evolutions are available with the new version of DAP, in particular the following points :

  • Evolution of the forecast/results screen for large customers to have more information.
  • Addition of the import and export directories parameterization in the options
  • Added choice of unit for determining factors
  • Adding a totalization in the bulk consumers results.

June 2020. DAP 4 version 2020 is now available !

DAPV4Born from the observation that it is fundamental to forecast, at best, the demand for electricity on a territorial scale, in order to better anticipate and plan investments in generation, the DAP software was developed more than 25 years ago and has since been widely tested by large well-known institutions and companies. In order to compensate for the absence of modern tools fully adapted to the energy sector stakeholders (national institutions, electricity companies, distribution companies ...) and plan and evaluate actions of Demand Side Management (DSM), DAP was completely modernized in 2020 to better respond to today's increasingly strategic key challenges. The DAP solution thus makes it possible to simulate the operation of the regional power system in order to assess the adequacy of the power supply.and compare various demand forecasting scenarios using different statistical methods, in order to anticipate sectoral and / or regional energy needs. The DSM mode also makes it possible to predict the effects of national policies on the evolution of demand

DAP 4 is now fully integrated with the latest version GAP 4 published in 2019 in order to constitute a real decision-making platform concerning the analysis and planning of energy supply and demand, integration of Variable Renewable Energy (VRE) and generation expansion planning (GEP).


Software installed in one click, DAP uses the latest technologies to provide planners and decision-makers with rapid professional results through a modern and user-friendly interface.

The new DAP version 2020 can now be tested for free on our  Download Space

March 2020 - Covid 19 Postponement of training sessionscovid 19

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, all training sessions scheduled for spring 2020 at our premises in France or abroad are postponed.

A new training program will be communicated as soon as possible, as soon as the visibility of international travel has cleared up so that everyone can participate.