etude electriciteTECHNICAL STUDIES

The IED software offer covers in particular the electrical engineering sector with innovative solutions that are particularly suited to the rural electrification contexts of developing countries. IED also favors an integrated local development approach when possible by involving users and their communities through efficient, modern but also very ergonomic solutions.

Our tools thus cover all the services linked to the development project cycle. The solutions offered have solid expertise, thus covering the following themes for Execution studies and project management of rural electrification (RE) projects:

  • Analysis of electricity demand
  • Electrical and mechanical studies of medium and low voltage networks
  • Preparation of quantitative for the drafting of the bidding document and support to the procurement
  • Works supervision

Key software for rural electrification, GISELEC makes it possible to carry out both electrical and mechanical network studies according to the current standard NFC 11 201. It offers unique features such as the automatic installation of poles, the possibility of studying large LV networks and MT in record time compared to market competitors or to produce all the outputs necessary for the preparation of bidding documents (quantity assessment, installation plan, economic study ...) and more ...

DEMAND ANALYST makes it possible to study the load forecast for a village or group of villages not electrified yet according to a "Bottom-up" forecasting model adaptable to the environment of the village. A very precise model allowing to later summarize the sizing as accurately as possible of the electrical equipment in generation and distribution such as for example:

  • Sizing of solar power plants
  • Mini-Grid sizing...

Low-voltage electrical networks are often the cause of excessive voltage losses and drops, particularly due to imbalances between phases. Distributors must distinguish disorders linked to imbalances from those due to poor network sizing. Projects priority should often be done regarding the profitability of phases balance and required network reinforcements. The objective of REBAN is to assist Distributors in this succession of processes and in final for decision making.