From planning to management, IT solutions tailored to your electrification and renewable energy projects. IED offers specialized tools for institutions, companies, local authorities and consulting firms involved in the energy sector.

ied3bisTo address the technical problems commonly encountered in the Energy sector and the development of electrification, IED offers a range of tools based on long experience in the field of energy, rural electrification and renewable energies. While some software designed and fully developed by IED has been on offer for many years, the offer was expanded in 2016 with professional software proven for more than 30 years to many customers. The technological stakes are strategic at a time when the development of energies in developing countries is accelerating; the software offering thus makes it possible to professionalize the response and optimize projects while maximizing the impact of electrification and reducing poverty.

These tools are organized into 4 categories:

     - Planning tools
     - Study and feasibility tools
     - Dissemination tools
     - Management Tools

This range of tools is available to our customers (Rural Electrification Agency, Ministries of Energy, engineering offices ...) to assist them in their tasks and in their decision-making.

So that our customers can also make the most of the potential of our tools, we propose a program of capacity building.