DEMAND ANALYST - Modelling and planning the Energy Demand in rural areas

Demand Analyst® is a powerful tool for rural electrification help decision making dedicated for planners and engineers. The software is designed to estimate the energy demand growth for one specific village or a cluster of village with a study area until the planning horizon. At the opposite of traditional “top-down” approach model,  Demand Analyst® use an accurate demand analysis for each end user (Households classes, public infrastructures and services, businesses, shops, etc.), which are previously identified through socio economic field surveys.

- Demand Analyst© offers a user friendly interface which simplifies the management and edition of load forecasting results.

- The scenario customization can be easily done by a non-specialist  and growth hypothesis can be quickly addressed and tested.

Forecasting the project energy demand in order to optimize the grid network sizing and investment required

Demand Analyst© offers various functionalities :

  • Study area customization : Demand Analyst© can equally study one specific village or a cluster of villages within a study area with different energy patterns and population ranges.
  • Planning horizon: The planning horizon can be easily adapted to local or national customs
  • Regional parameters : Various parameters can be set according to its geographic area.
  • Specific demands : Some productive uses or agro-industries requiring large amount of energy located outside even villages can modify the energy pattern. Those  demands can then be characterized and take into account for planning studies.
  • Study scenarios: More than three type of energy service scenario can be simultaneously studied and compared.
  • Detailed energy output : Annual consumption, energy peak, client number (low and medium voltage) and daily load curves.