• Solutions IED

    Solutions IED

    Découvrez les solutions IED :
    • Planification
    • Faisabilité
    • Dissémination
    • Gestion de clientèle

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  • Formations


    IED a bâti une expérience
    et un savoir faire unique
    dans les secteurs lies
    à l’électrification rurale
    et le développement
    des énergies renouvelables.

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  • Références


    Nous agissons pour le compte
    de donneurs d'ordres publics
    (Sociétés d'électricité, Ministères,
    Agences d'électrification rurale), pour
    des institutions financières internationales
    et pour des investisseurs privés.

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Latest News

  • New Release of GISELEC v3

    December 2018 - New release of GISELEC Giselec version 3 was released on December 2018. Here's...

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  • Regional Electricity Access Plan of ECOWAS

    Juillet 2018 - Regional Electricity Access Plan of ECOWAS IED was mandated by the World Bank to...

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formation logoSoftware and tools

Strategic Planning

Powerful solutions for analyzing and planning the demand, generation, transmission, and distribution of energy...

Technical studies

Forecast the energy demand and optimize the size of its distribution network to reduce infrastructure investments through GIS.

Data collection & Dissemination

Sustainable sharing of information for the benefit of all using Geographic Information Systems.

Customer management

Monitoring of facilities, energy production and distribution, accounting and customer management.



formationsTraining updated every year from the remarks and evolutions observed
A training program adapted to trainee level
Specialists in their respective fields, our trainers are recognized for their technical and pedagogical skills.
An internship certificate attests to effective participation in a training session.
Village cartography and Geographic Information System5 days

Geospatial rural electrification planning 10 days
Electricity load forecasting4 days

Electrical and mechanical distribution network study 10 days
ENergy Generation Analysis and planning5 days
Hybrid PV/Diesel powerplant sizing4 days
Prefeasibility of small hydro powerplants 3 days
Economical and financial analysis of decentralized rural electrification projects  3 days
Prefeasibility of biomass powerplants projects  3 days


Clients & references

  • National Electrification Program Prospectus in Tanzania (2012-2013)
  • Capacity building and regional integrated rural electrification Plans in Tanzania (2011-2013)
  • Grid extension plan connecting 105 localities to the SBEE national utility network (2010-2013)
  • Cambodia Electrification Master Plan  (2009-2010)
  • Regional Electrification program for Burkina Faso (2005-2008)
  • Rural electrification plan Plans for 2 regions in Laos and Cambodia (2006-2007)
  • Rural Electrification Master Plan in Ethiopia (2005-2007)
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