IED has developed, in recent years, a strong expertise and experience in the use of mobile equipment (GPS, smartphone, tablet ...) and specialized software for georeferenced data collection and information in the field. The use of digital questionnaires offers many advantages:

A wide variety of information can be recorded: for example a GPS point, an image or an audio recording which allows to collect accurate information on any defects or problems encountered on the site. You can also enter text or select an option from a predefined list of choices. The risk of error and the time of entry are thus reduced.

- Entering information into a form does not require internet connection or GSM connection. Different specialized applications (open-source or proprietary) can be used to fill out the forms as needed.

- After entering information on the tablet, it is possible, via an Internet connection, to transfer the answers to a secure server space. Project managers can remotely process information as quickly as possible. The collected data are consolidated online and can be exploited in real time remotely either on specialized platforms or on data storage sites (Dropbox, FTP ...)

Our competences :

  • Questionnaire conception
  • Staff training in the use of hardware and software tools
  • Preparetion of field surveys

The use of GPS mobile equipment can satisfy a certain number of tasks:

  • Socio-economic surveys, to estimate the energy demand and the ability to pay populations
  • Establishment of technical audit of electrical installations (with georeferencing and taking pictures)
  • Customer locatization
  • Creation of village mapping for electrical and mechanical network studies
  • Digitalization of electrical networks (LV / MV networks ...)