As an historical partner of national institutions and donors involved in the energy sector for more than 30 years as part of its consulting activities around the world, Innovation Energie Développement (IED) has developed a unique expertise and know-how in fields related to rural electrification and the development of renewable and conventional energies.

Image2IED Solutions offers complete engineering software solutions specialized in the analysis, simulation and optimization of power systems with a range covering all aspects of planning and engineering in electrical systems.

Software editor since 2005, IED took over the main software of the former Belgian company Systems Europe in 2016 to complete its range of tools for the energy sector. IED is now positioned as one of the world leaders in software in the strategic energy planning and electrification segment due to the breadth of its offer.

IED invests annually a large part of its turnover, in support of its ambitious research and development program, and now offers a wide range of independent and specialized tools, specially designed and adapted to meet the needs of those involved in the field of the energy and electrification sectors.


  Image3IED offers both professional tools, training and skills training courses, integrated into projects or organized independently, for the various actors of the sector: ministries in charge of energy, rural electrification agencies , electricity companies, research departments, engineering schools, independent consultants, electrical system operators, private consulting firms ...