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SolarMGJul.2021: New PV minigrids planning module

In order to provide more detailed and accurate electrification options, the latest version GEOSIM 5.6 now includes a new and improved planning module for PV electrification options that strengthens the previous approach of solar mini-grids.

3 mini-grid configurations can now be studied:

  • PV Hybrid Diesel Project: diesel generator with solar hybridisation. From a solar point of view, this module is equivalent to a grid connected system, the hybridisation reduces the load on the diesel, which however remains in permanent operation.
  • PV/Battery/Diesel: Solar, batteries, diesel. Solar based mini-grid with diesel support to ensure a certain quality of service.
  • PV/Battery: Solar, batteries for smaller mini-grids

The discounted levelized cost study can also be carried out on the long term with a more precise and geospatial estimate of the solar potential, calculated per site and derived from the solar maps available on the internet (GlobalSolarAtlas...)