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Feb. 2022. IED establishes the most up-to-date mapping of the WAPP area with the latest information in early 2022.

In total, more than 200 powerplants, 570 substations and 1040 transmission lines have been georeferenced.

In 2022, it is estimated that the installed capacity in the whole area exceeds 25 GW. The ENR share is estimated to be around 31% as described in the following table:

Type Capacity (MW) Part
Biomass 32 0%
Solar 535 2%
Wind 203 1%
Hydro 7130 28%
Thermal 2013 8%
Gas 15744 61%
25720 100%
7919 31%

More than 5 GW of generation is to be delivered in the short term in the next few years, which will bring the capacity of the area to more than 30 GW. The map below shows the distribution of power plants, with a wide disparity in the distribution of technologies, depending on the potential of the area.


The database built will be able to feed the NAP and GAP software for energy supply stability studies (GAP) and transport network studies (NAP).