MG Manager©

The management tool for power producers and distributors

Following the privatisation of the power sector in many countries, there has sometimes been a significant rise in the number of private power producers and this growth has often been somewhat disorganised. The management of activities relating to power production and distribution frequently requires a high level of organisation, and profitability is very often reliant upon clear and effective management of the grid and its customers. MG Manager© is an ideal solution aimed at small-scale, private and independent energy producers (IPP, ESCO, REE, etc.), to simplify the management of the main tasks associated with energy production and distribution.
MG Manager© has a simple and highly user-friendly interface which makes it accessible to all managers, without any particular training being required. MG Manager© is useful for:

improving control of operating expenses

  • clarifying purchases and justifying maintenance operations
  • optimising the grid by identifying areas prone to voltage drops
  • improving service quality
  • identifying payment issues and current outstanding debts
  • increasing the profitability of a company through more efficient management

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