GIMSYS - Visualizing and disseminating information

The low level of energetic services access at all levels (health institutions, schools, households, small businesses, administration, ...) is a key issue for the economic and social development in rural areas. The multisectorial approach is now a  leading principle to access to energetic services for urban and rural . Energetic programmes must, from now more than in the past, be based on needs and services identification for territory development, and on cooperation with others sectorials investments to guarantee a strong economic and social impact, but also a market.

GIMSYS© is a user friendly computer application accessible to all, built using the Geographic information System technology (GIS)  coupled to an Internet/ Intranet interface which:

- offer a remote access opportunity in real time to the strategic and multisectorial information often required for a sectorial decision making.

-  Introduce data sharing and pooling allowing territorial stakeholders who put information proper to its sector at disposal, to benefit in return to a consolidated geo-referenced database.

- help Decision-making for planners and project managers who benefit from a cartographic and sectorial information platform…

The sustainable information sharing for all, using the Geographical Information System technology    

Various benefits from the GIMSYS© exchange data platform  :

  • Improving development projects impact integrating multisectorial dimension into projects evaluation.
  • Transparent access to information in order to give a concrete dimension to the coordination of multisectoral investments by mutual knowledge of the status and projections in various sectors
  • Pooling of data for the benefit of all. The information applies only if shared
  • Technology Showcase accessible to all stakeholders wishing relevant multisectoral information (local actors, international donors, ministries, NGOs, private operators, etc..).
  • Dissemination of information on a map providing optimal readability through GIS technology.
  • Lobbying and communication tool destined to national decision makers, local partners in development sector and internationals donors in order to coordinate projects intersectoriality, focus on decentralised planning, to forecast on accompanying measures and assist in mobilizing funding.
  • Decentralised information management from the platform which could be updated locally and selectively.


Configuration minimale:
  • Logiciel SIG Manifold© compatible MAPINFO, ESRI, AUTOCAD…
  • Windows
  • Configuration client :
  • IExplorer, Firefox...
Outil mise en oeuvre dans de nombreux pays:
  • Cameroun (
  • Tanzanie (
  • Bénin (