MG MANAGER- Management tool for mini-grid power producers and distributors

The privatization of the energy sector has given rise to a dramatic growth of private power producers in many countries. The management of the production and distribution of power often requires an advanced level of organization, and profitability is often linked to a clear and effective management of the network and its customers.

MG Manager©  meets this need for small private power producers (IPP, ESCO, REE ...) to simplify the management of key tasks.

Thanks to its user friendly interface, MG Manager© is accessible to all managers without specific additional training.

Among various functionalities, MG Manager© helps users to :

- Master operational costs and income flows

- Record purchases and justify expenses for operation and maintenance

- Identify specific network voltage  drops

- Improve service quality

- Identify default payments and debts

- Increase company profitability using an efficient management system

The tool for monitoring the power production and distribution, accounting and customer management 

MG Manager© is divided into several modules:

Customer Management:  records information of potential and actual customers and their tariff bracket

Production Management: records and monitors energy production, load curves, genset maintenance checking, maintenance and break down log book and fuel purchases to maximize efficiency and sustainability of the diesel generator.

Distribution Management: records and monitors medium and low voltage lines, maintenance and break down log book and estimation of voltage drops on the network.

Accounting module : records customer meter readings, calculates and issues monthly bills and monitors payments in order to oversee customer performance.

Reporting module: Prints reports to assess the performance and maintenance activities carried out over a given period.

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